LDAPControl(s) classes

class LDAPControl

This class is just a Python wrapper for the corresponding C structure LDAPControl (see ldap_controls(3))


LDAPControl object cannot be created directly. You have to use instead create_*_control() methods of a LDAP object instance

class LDAPControls(<LDAPControl>[, <LDAPControl> ...])

Classes LDAPControls are the type of parameters serverctrls and clientctrls used to specify server and client controls respectively in *_ext[_s]() methods of LDAP objects. For example:

>>> ca = l.create_assertion_control('(ou=users)', True)
>>> cs = l.create_sort_control('sn -givenName')
>>> ctrls = LDAPControls(ca, cs)
>>> l.search_ext_s(serverctrls=ctrls)

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